Sunday, March 12, 2017

Listen to the Rumblings...

In my universe, Michelle Obama won the Presidential Election, the Atlanta Falcons won the Super Bowl, and Beyonce's Lemonade is undeniably the Album of the Year. 

How's that for #AlternativeFacts?

Listen y'all...  it's been an interesting few months, to say the least.  There's lots of ridiculousness and crazy out there- with lots of justified fear and anger in the mix.  
But also, I believe, there is something beautiful sprouting.  

We can always learn from nature.  Right about now as you read this, the sap is beginning to flow in the trees. The life force of nature is beginning to stir beneath the ground. In the I Ching, this shift in energy  is described in the 3rd Hexagram:   Thunder beneath the Water.    These rumblings- this stirring of the life force- is what wakes up our wise old groundhog and sends her above ground after her deep sleep.  The 3rd Hexagram is translated as  "difficulty in the beginning"- because, well, it is difficult in the early stages when a new consciousness is awakening.

Maybe you're feeling that too?  In my clinic, I'm finding rumblings of righteous indignation and resistance are inspiring many of us into action.   Rumblings of discontent that are awakening many of us from illusion, ignorance and slumber.   Rumblings that are calling many of us to take a stand for who we are and what we hold valuable.  

For me personally, its been a spiritual practice just to stay "on purpose".   My rumblings took the form of a deep despair about the world.  I thought of all the activists on the front lines, the families facing fear, the hearts confused and broken.  I felt deeply that all I was doing- all we were doing- was simply not enough.  

The rumblings eventually shaped into a very real desire to be of greater service and impact. They helped me understand that my path is not disconnected from all of this madness, but intrinsically connected.  The rumblings were a call for me to get serious about my mission, and to stop playing small. 

   Elementals: a collection of Five-Element inspired flower essences to heal the mind, heart, and soul- was my first born from these rumblings.  These 16 archetypal essences make it possible for my patients to pick up 'a little sumthin sumthin' for their partner, parent, sister girlfriend or kid who needs some soul support.  Elementals makes it possible for those who can't make it into my office to access the magic, healing and transformative power of flower essences online. Within the Elementals collection are flower essences for aligning with abundance, for healing broken hearts, for speaking our truth,  cultivating intimacy,  for managing mamahood, for meditative presence , for self-validation, for resisting oppression.  

You name it and yes, there's an essence for that!

Those rumblings also led me to Mia Herndon, L.Ac., the newest practitioner on the Oceans & Rivers team.   She is not just an amazing acupuncturist and somatic coach, she's an amazing human.   (Synchronicity is my pretty much my religion, so I did not take it lightly when I met Mia "by chance", just as I was asking the Universe who would be the right person to join my practice.)   Mia's work is rooted firmly in social justice and community healing, and she brings all of that commitment and integrity with her into the treatment room.  You will love her.  

So those rumblings- though difficult, scary, and full of uncertainty- are necessary. We should listen to the rumblings-  they remind us that something is awakening.  That something new is sprouting.  That all those seeds that we planted are beginning to crack,  push up through darkness, and reach toward the sun.  

May we all be so inspired.


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