Monday, February 13, 2017

Lemonade: My Album of the Year

Ya'll know all of last year I was absolutely obsessed with #Lemonade, right?  I was so taken by it that  I joined forces with another sacred feminine powerhouse and hosted an exclusive event-  a gathering at the New Moon to watch the album, have an intimate discussion about the Sacred Feminine, and to sip on our own special lemonade cocktail. 

As I watched Beyonce's performance on the Grammy's last night, I was reminded of how incredibly honored I feel to be part of the lineage of Goddesses she paid homage to in her performance.  I felt incredibly proud of her well-thought out acceptance speech, and choked up a bit hearing Adele's honest deference to the Queen Bey.   Sure, there are talks of cultural appropriation and all kinds of critiques, because that is what our logical minds are literally programmed to do.  But I just feel proud.  It was beautifully and magically done.  But i digress.  

I'm a self-proclaimed neoancient, so I'm always looking for ways to connect what happening out there in the world with what's happening in here. As the ancient axiom goes:  as above, so below;  as without, so within.  When #Lemonade dropped,  I immediately started dreaming up flower essence blends for each song.  Now, as I prepare to formally launch Elementals- my new collection of flower essences to heal the heart and soul-  I am struck by how many of the essences align with the archetypal themes explored in the 

The Catch Me Remedy (Sacred Source) Sometimes what we truly need to honor is above the pay grade of our logical minds, and we can only find solutions through intuition and alignment with our inner knowing.   Sacred Source is a recipe with  Star Tulip essence to create space for meditative awareness, Deerbrush essence to tap in to our true feelings about a situation, Mugwort essences for cultivating a relationship with the messages received through dreams, and Cerato for the confidence to trust our intuition. 

A major recurring theme in my executive, entrepreneurial, and personal leadership trainings is 'sorry not sorry'.  We explore the many ways that women in positions of power overwhelmingly over- apologize, give disclaimers, and ask for validation. The Worthy recipe includes Buttercup essence for self-validation and confidence, Gold essence for honoring our inner worth and value, and Larch for confidence and clear expression.

Though sexuality is not the only aspect of the Venus/Oshun/Het Heru archetype that Bey evokes, its certainly an important one!  Intimate is a blend to support the expression of sexual energy and creative passion. The recipe includes Rose Quartz essence and Hibiscus flower for heart centered sexuality,  Pussy Paws to awaken sensitivity to touch, and Alpine Lily to awaken the sensual, spiritual inner Goddess. 

I don't know about you, but my heart swoons a little bit everytime I see Jay and Blue.   Legacy is recipe to address generational issues reflected in current relationships, as well as when we find ourselves longing for ancestral wisdom. It includes Baby Blue Eyes to restore trust when there is fear of rejection or abandonment; Mariposa Lily to nurture the
martriarchal ancestral line, and Joshua Tree to break dysfunctional generational patterns.  

I think it's safe to say we've all been there- in that gut-wrenching heartache that cuts deep.  Wholehearted includes Borage essence to lift heart heaviness, Mountain Pride to realign with our true self after a period of disappointment, Gorse essence to restore hope in times of devastation, and Star of Bethlehem to help us whether the storm. 

Exhale is a recipe to help us release the past when it's time to move forward- even when what we have to let go of is our own heartache, thoughts, or habits.  The herbal recipe includes Sagebrush to cleanse and release anything that no longer serves us; Chestnut Bud to break from recurring patterns and themes; and Walnut essence support us in moving forward without limiting beliefs.  

Let's face it, the current political climate is calling for us to all take decisive, unapologetic action and to stand for true freedom and social justice.  Get Up Stand Up helps us step into our power and fullest selves, with Sunflower for radiant confidence and self-expression, Mountain Pride to ignite the inner spiritual warrior in the face of adversity, and Goldenrod essence for unwavering inner integrity.  

This beautiful song is one of my favorites on the album.  Less I go crazy, I'm taking all of the little red hearts EVERYWHERE for Valentine's Day as a personal reminder from the Universe to lead from my heart and radiate love. Open is a remedy to cultivate emotional vulnerability and openness (for those in love and  looking for love).  It includes Pink Monkeyflower essence for emotional honesty and vulnerability; Baby Blue Eyes essence to restore trust and release cynicism, Spreading Phlox to connect soul to soul, and Chicory essence for emotional containment.  

Okay ladies now let's get in formation!  Let's not bow down to patriarchy, sexism and racism-  and let's slay all day.  The Queendom remedy helps us to lead from the Sacred Feminine, with Columbine and Larch for creative fearlessness, Pretty Face for honoring inner and outer beauty, Shasta Lily to awaken the inner Goddess, and Cerato to help us hear and trust our inner knowing.  If there was ever a time for Queendom Come, it's now.

If you're new to flower essences and want to learn more, check out these upcoming workshops!


  1. Lindsay!!! Finger on the pulse .. I, and probably everyone else watching, was twinkling and so blown away by Beyonce's performance last night. I love how you continually weave what catches you into your inspired creations! You keep the twinkle going!

    1. awww thanks so much Lara! let's keep this alchemy work twinkling!!!