Friday, February 10, 2012

Love is In the Air

Like it or not,  love is in the air.  There's Valentine's Day, of course.  And there's  also Black Love Day (which falls on February 9th, February 13th, or February 15th depending on where you live).  With all of the valentine candies (who can resist those little message hearts?), lace and red hearts on nearly every corner, love is hard to ignore this month.  It may stir up memories of love lost, or remind you of the love you have for that special person in your life.

But no matter what we believe in or celebrate, we all have the opportunity to recharge our lives with love- each and every day. 

Here are my three favorite ways to feel the love:

1)  Practice Metta  Meditation
A meditation practice focused on sending loving kindness- first to yourself, and then to others.  For more information on Metta, click here.

2)  Send Thank You Cards
Send a note of appreciation- by snail mail- to the person or persons who have made a difference in your life.  Think friends, family, distant relatives, or anyone who you'd like to reconnect to!  Or try writing a thank you letter- to God, the Universe, or your Higher Self- for all of your blessings.

3)  Move Your Body  Exercise is one of the best ways to tell your body how much you love her.  Yoga, Belly dance and African dance are great forms to bring about embodied bliss- treat yourself to a class at a local studio this month.

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Hope this month fills you with LIGHT.... and LOVE!


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