Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Soooo.... What IS Community Acupuncture?

I am so excited that community acupuncture is BAAACCCCKKK at Sacred!   I've been so immersed in acupuncture-world that it always surprises me when people hit me with, "Community acupuncture... What's THAT?" with a horrified look.  It's as if the nightmare they envision involves stripping in front of a bunch of people, sharing all the secrets of their health history in a room full of strangers, and then being a attacked by a crazy lady with needles.   

Needless to say, nothing could be further from the truth!  But I thought I'd take a minute to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about community acupuncture- and acupuncture in general- that I've heard over the last few weeks.

Myth # 1: Acupuncture is only for pain
This is a biggie that I hear all of the time, followed by the question, "If nothing hurts,  why would I
need acupuncture?" It's a valid question. Let me start by saying that yes, acupuncture is AMAZING
Acupuncture is not only for pain!
for pain- and it has a great rep for being super effective treating acute or chronic back pain, neck pain, menstrual pain, injuries, headaches, and so on. So yes, if you have pain anywhere on or in your body, make your appointment as soon as you can!

BUT....  Acupuncture is not just for pain! It is a comprehensive, whole body medicine that can treat mind, body and spirit. It can address reproductive health, digestive complaints, fatigue, auto-immune conditions, anxiety, stress, depression, and so much more.  (Click here to see a list of a bizillion conditions that the World Health Org agrees that acupuncture can effectively treat).  

And for the more esoteric crew, I also practice a form of acupuncture that draws on its shamanic lineage, and aims to support spiritual growth and personal evolution. So acupuncture can treat pain, but also much, much more.

Myth #2- Everyone will know my 'bidness!

No one will know your business....
Now, I value my privacy. So there is no way I would be a part of a healing space that would allow everyone to hear what's going on with you. (In fact, HIPAA regulations require complete patient confidentiality, so that would actually be kind of illegal).  

That being said, let me explain how community acupuncture works. When you come in, you'll be escorted to a private area  of the flower essence-misted, incense- infused, candlelit community healing space, which is silent other than the peaceful meditation music.  After you fill out a brief intake form, we'll discuss what you've been experiencing and your goals for treatment (i.e. less stress, less pain, more shiny-happiness, etc.). The acupuncturist will check your tongue and pulse and come up with a treatment strategy. Then, you'll receive a treatment specifically designed for you, in the company of the others who are in what I affectionately call 'the acupuncture trance'. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Myth #3-  People will SEE my 'bidness!  
ummm.... no. For community acupuncture, you actually stay fully dressed for the entire treatment. We only ask that you wear sleeves and pants that that can be rolled up the the knees and elbows, as this is where the most powerful points on the body are found. You can also feel free to change into a tank top or shorts before your appointment.

Myth #4-  Needles hurt
This is a another biggie that I hear alot. The first thing your should know is that acupuncture needles are NOTHING like needles that freak people out at the doctor's office. Compared with the needles used to take blood or for injections, acupuncture needles are much, much, much thinner. An acupuncture needle is about the diameter of a thick human hair, and actually bends with resistance.  The truth is, everyone has a different experience- some people feel a sensation as the needles go in, and some people feel nothing. You may feel a minor tingling or slight pinch as the needle reaches the correct point under the skin.  Sometimes a slight warmth, distention or moving sensation is experienced, and this is normal. Most patients are surprised at the pleasant sensations they feel during the treatment, which is the qi (or energy) moving or the opening of a channel that has been blocked.

Myth #5-  I can't afford acupuncture
Feeling Great After Treatment
One of the beautiful things about community acupuncture is that is was created as a way of making acupuncture more accessible and affordable. It was developed to close the socio-economic gap that plagues the world of holistic wellness.  The goal of community acupuncture is to make it so that as many people as possible are able to get acupuncture as often and consistently as possible.   

Community acupuncture at Sacred is offered at a sliding scale rate of $35- 55 per treatment. You choose what you want to pay, no questions asked (we have absolutely no interest in what you make or how you spend it, so no pay stubs please!)

Are you worth that kind of investment in your health? Why yes, of course you are!

Myth #6- Community acupuncture is for everyone
The truth is, community acupuncture is available to everyone, but it's not for everyone.  Some of us get really excited about the additional magic that a sense of community adds to a healing space. Others prefer a private treatment so that they can incorporate moxa, flower essence therapy, cupping, bodywork, or other healing modalities. Some prefer community acupuncture because they want to be treated along side of their friends or loved ones, while others want to preserve the only 'alone time' they get all week.  Some even come in for a private treatment once or twice a month, and use community acupuncture as their follow-up care between sessions. 

Just as acupuncture is a medicine that treats our unique needs, the way we approach our care should reflect our unique preferences and personalities. So if you're not sure where to begin, just reach out and I'm happy to answer your questions!  But if you're ready to join in.....
Community Acupuncture 
1st Saturday of the Month, 9am- 2pm
Sacred Brooklyn 
197 Clifton Place bet. Franklin & Bedford
By Appointment Only


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