Monday, February 15, 2016

Water Element Playlist

What do T.I., Lorde, Sia, Laura Mvula, Fertile Ground and Kevin Gates all have in common?  Why, the Water Element of course!  Here's my playlist to help you get to know the Water Element, and associated flower essences to keep you in harmony with the season.  

Woman (oh mama) by Joy Williams

I am the universe wrapped in skin
Come let me show you where life begins

Whoa mama...  I know that's right!  The water element represents the source of all life, and the will to exist.  It is the deeply Yang Feminine that determines the when and how of existence, that takes our ideas and inspirations and blesses them with her 'It is So'.  Star Tulip flower essence helps us tune in to this divine feminine force, allowing us to be be receptive and open to the inner whisperings of our souls. 

Always taking 10 steps back and one step forward... 
She's tired, but she don't stop.
She don't stop, she don't stop, she don't stop..

The Water Element is related to the adrenals, and is affected by our constant pushing and striving that ultimately results in exhaustion.   I call on Olive Flower Essence when there's persistent fatigue that needs more than a night of deep rest. Olive helps us to settle down so that we can gain a new perspective on the emotional and physical factors leading to fatigue. Most importantly,  Olive facilitates a our ability to consciously create the conditions necessary for renewal. 

I don't get tired I go hard
I don't get tired
Don't play with the hustle- you eat or you starve...
I got six jobs I don't Get tired 
(explicit lyrics)

Y'all remember that part in Eat Pray Love where the author explains that every city has a word that defines it? Well, for sure the word that defines NYC is hustle.  Everyone's got one, from Wall Street to the corner bodegas.    But ummm.  If you've got six jobs, you should be tired. Aloe Flower Essence helps us when we're in either side of burnout, even in that phase of being so charged up that we don't even know we're doing too much.  Aloe helps us cue in to our body's true need for rest and replenishing our hearts after we've over extended ourselves. It's the perfect remedy when you feel like you have so much to do, there's no way you can take a break. 

What about the leaves on trees with broken branches? 
Where with they go after they've done their dances in the wind? 
Will they cry or simply die?

The Water Element is the source of all life, and holds the imprint of everything that came before us. Out ancestors, out DNA, our genealogical imprint, our great-grandmothers heartache- all exist in the collective psyche of Water. And when dysfunctional or problematic beliefs  threaten to keep us from evolving forward, Joshua Tree Flower Essence brings healing and a new perspective. It helps us uncover dysfunctional family beliefs, secrets and shame, and allows us to chart a new path that brings renewal to the Whole tree. 

Down...  Where I'm going is down....
Cuz you dance me around
Made me too dizzy to see....

Amel's voice carries the low groan that is characteristic of the Water Element, and Down perfectly describes the energetic direction of the Water Element.  Water seeks its lowest level- if we were to knock over a glass of water the water would sink off the table, through a whole in the floor, and presumably would continue to be pulled by gravity until it met the fathomable depths of the ocean floor.  In the same way, Water brings us deep down into ourselves.  We retreat into ourselves to reconnect with our center, but when out of balance, that capacity for introspection and deep reflection can turn into isolation or loneliness.  In those times, Violet Flower Essence brings us out of ourselves and into the world.  It breaks through profound shyness, and allows us to balance self-containment and the fear of losing ourselves in the energetic waves of others.

I'm gonna swing the chandelier
from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist..
like it doesn't exist...
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry...

The Water Element is associated with fear, but it also can show up as its total opposite.   Complete lack of fear-  that can best be described as reckless abandon- is  a manifestation of Water out of balance.  When we are uprooted and completely disconnected from Water's gravity, we might find our self spinning dangerously out of control.  Whether that means swinging from the chandelier, or overworking to the brink of exhaustion, or a devastating life change, Water brings us the overwhelming feeling that we might lose it at any minute.  In those moments, Cherry Plum Flower Essence restores a deep sense of trust that assures us that we can, in fact, stay the course in the midst of adversity.  It brings awareness to our desperate and destructive impulses, and can be a catalyst to seeking out the support we actually need.  

If you're heart's filled with faith than you can't fear...
Wonder how I face years and I'm still chilling'?
Easy-  let go and let God deal with it...

Yaaaaas! I love this song, and unashamedly, all things T.I.  This song makes the playlist because it reflects the tenacity, perseverance and sheer will that the Water Element gifts us.  In times when we feel discouraged, Gentian Flower Essence restores our hope and vision.  It enables us to persevere in the face of setbacks and challenges, and the confidence that God, the Tao, the Universe will find or make a way.  

We'll never be royals... 
It don't run in our blood. 
That kinda luxe just ain't for us...  we crave a different kind of buzz. 

The Water Element, particularly the Yang Water meridian, correlates to our relationship to resources and wealth. Many of us of inherited a poverty consciousness- which inhibits us from envisioning more wealth for ourselves than the generations that came before us. I've found it to be particularly helpful for descendents of the Maafa or those with a history of economic disadvantage, who may have inherited damaging subconscious beliefs about prosperity. Blueberry Pollen flower essence helps us break through that limitation, and brings awareness to self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that undermine our conscious desire to manifest abundance. 

It's just like the Water
I ain't felt this way in years. 

Speaking of abundance, this playlist wouldn't be complete without Lauren's literal ode to the metaphorical power of Water. (Lauren's gravelly voice is also characteristic of those with a strong constitutional Water Element). I love this song because when have a healthy relationship abundance, we can easily express gratitude for all the blessings we have.  We know deeply, instinctively that we have more than enough, and so much to be grateful for. It feels as refreshing as water. Bog Blueberry flower essence helps us to see our many blessings, and helps us tune into the unlimited abundance the universe has for all of us. 

Feel the light
Shining in the dark of night
Remember what we forgot, I know it's a long shot
But we're bringing it all back....  

The sinking and depth of water brings us to our deepest Yin, at that catalystic place where Yin transforms into Yang. We see this at the winter solstice, when after the longest night, the sun returns and the days begin getting longer as the yang returns. Religious traditions the world over celebrate this return of the yang force, the solar principle through the lights of the holiday season. It is this yang of light that infuses matter with spirit, that brings hope of a new possibility into a period a darkness.  Saint Johns Wort Flower Essence supports us as dark and light, yin and yang dance together. Whether it's allaying fear of the physical darkness for children, or navigating a period emotional darkness in adults, St Johns Wort harmonizes reawakens the light and within our darkness.

If your Water is calling for some attention,  make a personal flower essence remedy by ordering any four of the flower essences listed above through the online Flower Essence Apothecary.  Or come in for a flower essence therapy or acupuncture  appointment for a seasonal tune-up!

What songs should be added to this Water Element Playlist?



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