Monday, August 20, 2012

Spirit of Summer Pt. 2: Connection & Intimacy

This month I have been reflecting on the humble radiance of candles.  We light candles  on our alters before prayer or meditation to connect us to divine forces within and around us; we light candles during healing treatments to help us focus inward, and we light candles in our bedrooms to open the way for sexual intimacy.  These examples show us that one aspect of the Fire Element is all about connection.  

The summer heats up with sensual fire as we venture out doors wearing less and showing

more. While all of the Elements play a role in our sexuality, it is the Fire element that brings the heat to "wield divergent elements into one".  Through our sexuality, we can experience the ultimate merging of ourselves into another, a union that can bring us an ecstatic connection with the divine.  The mystery traditions such as Tantra, Taoism, and those of Ancient Kemet each had disciplined practices for cultivating sexual energy for the purpose of sacred union. 

The Fire element is also associated with magic, transformation, and spirituality- associations that hold true throughout many indigenous healing traditions.  In the Dagara culture of West Africa, Fire is the first element on the cosmic wheel, and is the element that keeps us connected to the purpose and the world of spirit.  In the alchemical traditions, Fire is the tool of the Alchemist to transform lead into gold.  And in Chinese Medicine, Fire is the light of Spirit reflecting through our eyes.

When this aspect of the Fire element within is out of balance,  we may feel a profound
sadness that stems from a feeling of disconnection.  This may be disconnection with the light of our true purpose,  disconnection from a spiritual practice, or disconnection from our ability to co-create our lives.   We can also experience disconnection from our sexuality, and intimacy that feels cold or disembodied.

By working with our Fire element, we can realign with the fiery magic of our Goddess self.

Here are a few tips for harmonizing the Fire element:

1) Sensual Dance
As Lady Shepsa points out in the Sacred Sexu
ality online course,
sensuality is about first connecting with yourself, and then with your partner.  Sensual dances such as Bellydance, Samba, Soca, or Pole dance are great ways to ignite the fire.  Check out classes that may be in your area or pick up a DVD to try at home. Or make up your own playlist of songs that make you feel sexy and create your own sexy flow!
2)  Feng Shui
Bring Fire colors into your home, such as red, pink and bright orange.  Pink and peach are thought to be good colors for the bedroom, while red ribbons are a classical Feng Shui cure for any kind of imbalance.   Fire shapes rise to a point, like corners, candles, and triangles- so try lighting a candle on the South wall of a room for fame, or the southwest corner of your room to harmonize your marriage.  But try to avoid pointy or craggy rock formations or mountain peaks in the home, which are considered to have an unstable energy!

3) Flower Essences
Because flower essences are made by infusing the spirit of a flower (Fire) with sunlight (more 'fiyah!), they have a particular affinity for the Fire Element.  In Chinese Medical terms,
it could be said that the flower essence represents the Spirit or Shen of a flower.  Although all flower essences share this aspect of the Fire element, a flower essence consultation can help you discover which specific flower essences will nurture your Fire this season!

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