Monday, April 4, 2016

This... or That? Another way to do business...

This year Oceans & Rivers celebrates her 6th anniversary!  When I launched O&R back in 2010, I knew two things:  1) I wanted to help women step into the fullness of their lives, and 2) I wanted to create a lifestyle that gave me the flexibility to be there for my daughter in her most important moments.  (I also knew I wasn't quite cut out for working for other people, but that's another blog post...) 


What I found out was that most small businesses fail within the first five years.  I had flirted with being one of those statistics many times over.  I remember being so overwhelmed that I seriously considered giving it all up to work at Target- which seemed, quite honestly, a less stressful, more lucrative, and more stable work life.   I dreamed about the simplicity of red shirts and khaki pants. 

After many a business course, small business seminar, internship, abundance circle, and training, I've learned that there is a completely different way of doing business. One that involves getting honest with my deepest fears, honoring my desires, trusting my intuition, being present to synchronicity, and being open to all the ways the Universe was trying to help me succeed.  

I had to learn how to get out of my own way.  When I was feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities as a mom, my business responsibilities got pushed aside. When my boundaries were weak in my personal relationships, my boundaries with my patients and vendors also got loosey goosey. When I didn't feel confident, I had a hard time asserting what my services were worth.  

 And when I was feeling particularly light, happy, and full of love- my business expanded beyond my wildest dreams.  

Get the picture? I learned that was going on inside of me manifested right on outside.  Almost immediately.  In my business, and in my life. This is something none of my business courses could have taught me, because as informative as they were, they could not teach me how to lead from my sacred feminine power.  And I've learned it's not what you know, its how you FLOW.  When I learned how to get into the flow of my life, everything changed. 

I created In My Element Business Intensive with this in mind.  Yes, there will the practical stuff:  spreadsheets. marketing plans. social media. logos and branding. website overhauls. Because... running a business is WORK.   there will also be a bit of magic: dream journals, meditation, calling on the Goddesses, diving into our depths.  Because for some of us ...  our business is our LIFE WORK.  

Our livelihood should help us LIVE- fully and abundantly.   

So if you're ready for THAT, come take the leap.  

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