Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flower Essences for Abundance

At this time of year, money seems to be what's on everyone's mind.  Maybe it's because our New Year's resolutions were focused on generating more wealth, improving our finances, sticking to a budget, or paying off debt.  Maybe it's because our eyes were bigger than our pockets over the
Winter holidays.  Or maybe... just maybe... There's a more cosmic reason we've got our minds on money and money on our minds.  
 The winter season is the season of the Water element.  According to Taoist philosophy, the Water element is associated with the emotion of fear. At it's core, many of our concerns about money are deeply rooted in fears of survival- the security of food, shelter,  and our basic needs.  Add to mix that the bladder meridian- the yang Water meridian- is associated with how we accumulate or acquire resources from the classical Five Element approach. These two Water channels are alive in the Winter, so the icey snow and slush of the last few weeks here in NYC is right in sync with our sudden attention to our finances.     

Check out these great flower essences to boost your abundant potential this year:

Bog Blueberry flower essence helps us break thorugh con­di­tional accep­tance of abun­dance- especially when we have a subconscious belief that money and abundance can only flow from one place (usually, a paycheck!) This flower opens us to the reality that abundance is everywhere when we insert gratitude!

Blueberry Pollen flower essence is indicated for when we have a  low pros­perity con­scious­ness, which often shows up when we believe that wealth only comes through struggle, or is reserved for the favored few.

Root Chakra
 Like the Water element itself, the Root Chakra deals with our instincts for security and survival. It grounds us in our physical bodies, and governs our ability to nurture ourselves.   I can't tell you how many times my patients' relationships with money reflect their relationship with their bodies.
Insert Manzanita flower essence- it aligns us with earth's rhythms and the physical plane, of which our finances are an extension. It's indicated when there is a sense of disconnection from your physical body, and/or erratic eating and sleeping patterns.  

Sacral Chakra:
The Sacral Chakra helps us to tap into our inner Empress, to whom abundance flows easily.  Through the Sacral Chakra we make peace with pleasure, and know that we deserve goodness in our lives. It is blocked by guilt or shame. 
California peony flower essence is helpful when we repress our natural, vital instincts for pleasure and celebration of life.  
Pine flower essence supports the resolution of any guilt or shame that may be blocking how you attract (or spend) the abundance you are entitled to.  
Solar plexus
The Solar Plexus is our seat of power, and its where we are able to assert our needs, values, and wants.  At the center of or being, the Solar Plexus helps us to take a stand-  by saying "No"  to what doesn't serve us, or by not taking "No" for an answer to what we need in our lives- whether its time, love, or money. 
Centaury flower essence strengthens our ability to assert proper boundaries and say "yes" to ourselves. Gold flower essence helps us tap into our inner worth and the true value of what we offer the world.
Heart Chakra
Money and love are both energies that can flow abundantly, or can be blocked by feelings of lack.  In fact, our attitudes about money are often reflected in our beliefs about love.  Do we feel that there is a finite source, like we can somehow 'run out'? Do we expect money or love to come from wherever we give it, or are we open to the idea that they can come back to us from places we least expect it? Holly flower essence awakens our compassion and gratitude, the very foundation of abundance.  It is a heart healer that clears out jealousy, insecurity, or any of the ways our hearts are blocked. 
Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra integrates the mind and heart, and gives a voice to our feelings, thoughts, and experiences.  It is the center of self-expression and creativity, and is activated anytime we express ourselves with integrity. 
Larch flower essence helps us break through our fear of failure, so we can take the creative risks that could be the golden keys to our abundance.   
Deerbrush flower essence helps us to know and express our true feelings and desires

Brow Chakra 
The Brow, or Third Eye Chakra, is the center for thinking, analysis, discernment, intuition and wisdom.  IT is where the imagination can inspire us, and gives us a sense of perspective and insight.
Cerato flower essence: supports us in our ability to listen to and trust our intuition
Star Tulip flower essence: opens our receptivity to our dreams, imagination, and insight from subtle realms of consciousness 

Crown Chakra 
The function of the Crown chakra is to connect us to our Divine source. It is often called the Higher Self, which can guide and inspire us in all we do.
Wild Oat flower essence: Opens us to our true soul's calling so that we can create the financial and other supports to fulfill our mission


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