Saturday, July 30, 2016

RISE UP: Essences to awaken hope, compassion, and power

Rise Up
Flower Essence Recipe
To awaken our hope, compassion and power to heal the world

RISE UP flower essence blend is a remedy to address the despondency, hopelessness, fear, disempowerment, or sadness many of us have been feeling in response to recent world events.  It’s intention is to bring us back to the wholeness of ourselves, so that we may each play a part aligning our personal path with the soul of the world.  We are powerful beyond imagine, and RISE UP supports us as we connect to that power with love, compassion, and courage.

This week, I'm giving away RISE UP flower essences at Sacred Brooklyn for FREE as part of  Black Lives Matter: Space for Healing and Justice.  First come first served, until we run out! Click here to check out the full roster of donation-based yoga classes, discussions on race, meditations, and even community acupuncture!

What are the ingredients?
RISE UP contains spring water infused with the following essences:

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence: used in times of shock, trauma, and stress to help us restore a sense of calmness and wholeness

Mountain Pride Flower Essence:  activates the inner spiritual warrior to support as we confront personal and global injustice (this is one of my faves!  Click here to read more about Mountain Pride for activism)

Scotch Broom Flower Essence: to restore feelings of optimism about the future world events and our place in it

Holly Flower Essence: a heart cleanser that cultivates compassion and universal love

Borage Flower Essence: restores buoyant optimism to a heart that is weighted by disappointment or grief

California Wild Rose Flower Essence: transforms paralysis, apathy and resignation with
California Wild Rose
our enthusiasm for life, service, and humanity

The RISE UP remedy is preserved with brandy.    

Wait... What are flower essences again?
Flower essences are a vibrational medicine, which use the living forces of nature to align our life energy toward healthy growth and development.  They are used to help us shift our perceptions, move stuck emotions, and transform limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching our fullest potential. Click here to read more about Flower Essence Therapy, which I use extensively in my acupuncture practice.

How do I take them?
Unlike essential oils used for aromatherapy, flower essences are an internal medicine like (homeopathy and herbs). The recommended dose is 4 drops under the tongue, 4 times daily or as needed for stress.  You can also add 1 dropper to 20oz of water and sip on it throughout the day.  

It is recommended that you continue to use the same flowers essence remedy consistently for at least 1 month, (and no less than 2 weeks) to allow them an opportunity to take hold. 

What should I expect?
The effects of flower essences are subtle and gradual, and often experienced within the context of your everyday life. Look out for vivid dreams, or a sudden “Aha!” moment or insight into your behavior or feelings. Or you may find yourself reacting differently to an emotional trigger, in a way that feels more authentic and vibrant.  Journaling can help you to keep track of these subtle changes.

What’s next?

It is my hope that these flower essences will inspire you to positive action that maximizes your unique gifts and is sustainable over time.  I’d love to hear what awakens!  Please email me at to keep me updated.  If you need additional support moving through sadness, anxiety, or a sense of hopelessness (all signs of secondary trauma), please contact myself or a trusted healthcare provider.

Lets be there for one another.  

(flower essence photo credit: Richard Katz of The Flower Essence Society)

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  1. Lindsay - beautiful, relevant, powerful work you're offering the world and all of us. Thank you!