Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Here's to Riotous Roots

When we look around outside in nature, we see trees void of leaves and life, standing naked and still.  But the truth is, there's a lot going on beneath the surface. Rather than being dead, those trees have diverted all of their resources inward. Instead of energy being sent to the periphery, the leaves and branches, the tree wisely sinks its nourishing capacity into its core and its roots. 

The ancients believed that as above, so below; as within, so without.  They understood intimately that nature was a metaphor for the human experience, and that the pulses of nature resonate within us.  This fundamental knowing became the basis of Chinese Medicine and a host of indigenous healing systems.

 Just like the trees, animals pull their resources inward to hibernate in the deep sleep of winter. And like our furry friends, we might find ourselves sleeping more, valuing quiet and stillness, reflecting on the year's lessons and blessings.  Maybe cuddling under thick blankets is more inviting than a night out. And maybe, just maybe, in the silence and stillness we are hearing the whispers of our inner wisdom. That deep, inner wisdom is one of the many gifts of the Water Element. 

If we were to observe a plant growing in glass bowl, we would see that before bursting forward with new life in the Spring, the roots sink down and anchor. That beautiful moment in nature embodies the principle of Sankofa- looking backward at where we've been before flying forward. It is here in the water element that we encounter that connection to our roots- and the collective wisdom that comes from our ancestors, our family history, and our past experiences.  It is this wisdom from the past that allows us to transform fear- the emotion associated with the water element- into trust and courage. 
Here are a few of my fave flower essences to connect  with The Water Element: 

Olive: if you're feeling worn down from the year (or the holiday season!), Olive helps us to replenish.  It invites a sense of rejuvenation to toratiour inner reservers, and allows us to welcome the rest and relaxation we need. I call it "the hibernation" flower essence!

Joshua Tree: if you're family roots need watering, Joshua Tree helps us address generational, family patterns that no longer serve us.  It also serves as a catalyst for bringing healing and compassion to family drama.
Star Tulip:  This is one of the most popular flower essences at this time of year. Star Tulip supports us in awakening the soft, receptive qualities of our soul.  It awakens us to our dreams, and supports us in slowing down, reflecting, and  cultivating present presence.  (It's also a great essence to have on hand when you're working on a Prayer or Vision Board!)

Cherry plum: The Water Element is associated with the dark, the unknown and the mysterious.   Cherry Plum supports us in transcending our fear when we are at a breaking point, or have reached what we believe are the limits of our inner resources.  It transforms fear into deep trust that all is well, even when we don't have all of the answers.

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